What is ICYF-DC?

ICYF-DC is an Istanbul-based international organization affiliated with the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) of 57 Member States, and it represents the youth organizations and youth councils of the OIC states. Model OIC is ICYF-DC’s brainchild.

Is National MOIC affiliated?

Yes, National MOIC is affiliated to ICYF-DC.

What will be done in National?

The national conference due in July would be preceded by various workshops and training open to all. 

The actual conference will be a three-day simulation on different topics along with academic sessions with various national & international speakers.

For more details, visit our social media fronts or contact us.

What is the benefit of joining it?

By joining National MOIC, you will not only polishing your diplomatic skills, also your suggestions will be forwarded to officials directly.

Who can participate?

Anybody with a passion for diplomacy, research, debate, and policy-making is welcome to join the National MOIC.

How to register for it?

If you are above 16, you can register yourself simply by filling the form & submitting it here.