This workshop is designed for those who are in the field of research, thinking to pursue the research field, or even in their final year. Rest it is also open for those who want to learn the new modern techniques and data saturation tricks. As, we all au fait this factor that, the field of research is vast and dynamic, especially when it comes to the social sciences. The entire workshop will be based on the friendly open discourse and constructive critique to address the inquiries of the attendees mannerly. This workshop will appeal to those who require an understanding of research approaches and skills, and importantly an ability to deploy them in their studies or in their professional lives.

What is research? A very simple question everyone and especially a student must already know. You would think that research is a means of finding out something that you don’t know about. Absolutely right! But wait, there’s more ahead…
What you don’t know is that, behind a perfect research are a lot of elements that play a vital role to make it worth capturing. If you don’t know these elements yet. Don’t worry because National MOIC Pakistan is bringing an outstanding opportunity for you to get a piece of knowledge on “Research Writing & Research Methodology”. An educational activity-based workshop that will focus on queries and challenges one faces during a research assignment. This event not only aims to enlightened the attendees about the qualitative and quantitative side of research methodology and research writing but also enables them to use appropriate media and technologies.

Speaker Profile


November 16th – 17th, 2019




9:00 AM – 4 :00 PM


Auditorium, Applied Economics Research Center, University of Karachi.