The ICYF-DC, as implementing Agency of the Model OIC, one of the programs of Joint Youth Action Plan adopted by the3rd Islamic Conference of Youth and Sport Ministers (Res. No OIC/ICYSM-3/2016/R1-Y) and endorsed by OIC’s 43rd Session of Council of Foreign Ministers through Resolution No. 8/43-C, welcomes and supports the endeavors of widening the holding of such initiatives in the OIC Member States.
I therefore wish all success to the upcoming National Model OIC Pakistan in June 2018, Insha Allah, which I hope to personally witness its proceedings.

Abdula Manafi MutualoDirector General of Youth Policy, Education & Training, ICYF-DC

Model OIC has proven its merit time and again. It is a wonderful platform for young and enthusiastic individuals who wish to bring change that supersede borders.
At National MOIC, we are adamant to have our doors open for young people who want to improve their faculties of diplomacy, tact, and policymaking. Come July, we await your participation in the first ever Pakistan, National Level, Model OIC.

Rutaba TariqCountry Coordinator Pakistan (MOIC), ICYF-DC

The design of the National MOIC conference is unique from the conferences that usually take place in Pakistan. Our aim is not only to simulate OIC but to assist the youth academically as well. For that, we've designed a 14 lecture series in order to guide the youth so they get well-crafted insight on the topic from the specialists. Furthermore, the resolution paper passed from the committees will go to the officials of ICYF-DC which means that solutions raised by you will get international recognition. It is a rare opportunity and an exciting one for those that are truly interested in bringing about change.

Hajra MahmoodCo-Head National Model OIC

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